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Experience, standards, passion and Rock'n' Roll

Rock, metal and Rock'n'Roll are the passion and purpose of life at UDR. 20 years of experience in all sectors of the international music business and the demand for high quality products speak for themselves - and for us. It is not without reason that music legends like Motörhead, Saxon and Girlschool rely on our services. Together with UDR they have not only equalled past successes, but even exceeded them. This achievement represents a positive contrast to the otherwise fast-paced music industry of today.

Service to the music

It is rare for an artist to have a say about the presentation and marketing of their music. Often important decisions are made behind their backs and to their disadvantage. However, we see ourselves primarily as providing a service for the musician and his creativity. At UDR we utilize the ingenuity of our artists in close cooperation with our partners to fuse their wishes and ideas with our experience to reach a perfect strategy.

Full transparency and overview – at any time

Our contractual partners are allowed access to figures, operations and promotional strategies to avoid discontent or issues caused by a lack of information. In addition, the artist can always add their influence to current work processes and develope their own ideas. UDR also offers  bands the unique opportunity to release their music under their own customized brand name.

Individuality - in all areas

Every band and every artist is unique. Why shouldn’t the entire marketing and advertising of the product also reflect this individuality? We offer each of our contractual partners a package specifically tailored to them and developed together, from the design of the product to the promotion and marketing, all the way up to the appropriate distributor, to present their work in the best possible way.

Competent consultation with attention to detail

The production path, from basic idea to consumer is a long process, and holds many risks and problems. We advise and support our artists at all stages of this journey competently and comprehensively to ensure a smooth process and a first class product.

Short-term contracts for more freedom

Our strategy of avoiding long-term contracts is in the best interest of the artist. The rights to their works revert back to them in a much shorter time period without their having to provide a long-term commitment to UDR, allowing them to be convinced quickly of the quality of our work. As a result artists are subjected to less pressure and win the freedom to concentrate strongly on creative work.


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